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The Final Leg of the Summit Push Begins!

After a rock star push yesterday, the Everest Rapid Ascent Team made it to Camp 3 and the Cho+Everest team arrived at Camp 2. An hour from now (at 2am Everest time) our teams will be waking up for their FINAL push to the summit.

Here’s the update from guide Chad Peele after their arrival at Camp 3 yesterday, “Team Alpenglow Expeditions is in position at 8,300m for our summit bid. Believe it or not, I’m incredibly hot lying here with bare feet. The blazing sun, clear skies and zero wind almost feels like a cheat… But of course, I’ll take it, right? We’ve worked incredibly hard to get this perfect weather window and I’m hoping to milk every inch of it!

Tomorrow is the culmination of a lot of time and sweat and it won’t be easy..or warm. But good conditions like today add up for a hard day like tomorrow. We’re stoked, prepared and I even have clean undies on!”

Go get that summit teams!