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New Expedition: Japan Backcountry Ski Adventure

Two skiers take a selfie next to their skin track in a field of white snow in Japan beneath a big blue sky during a guided Japan ski trip with Alpenglow Expeditions.
A snowy forest in the foreground with a snowy mountain in the background during a guided Japan ski trip with Alpenglow Expeditions.
A backcountry snowboarder carves through powder on a white snowy hillside in Japan with a blue sky above.

Exploring the Powder Paradise of Japan with Alpenglow Expeditions

Sending it on a skiing adventure in Japan is a dream come true for any backcountry skiing enthusiast. Our eight-day expedition in Hokkaido promises not just exceptional skiing but also a deep dive into the vibrant local culture and stunning landscapes.

Skiing in Hokkaido’s Renowned Locations

The journey begins in Otaru, a picturesque coastal town that serves as the gateway to some of the best skiing spots in Japan. Here, participants enjoy lift-accessed sidecountry skiing along with more secluded backcountry areas. The expedition then moves to Furano, known for its powdery slopes and panoramic mountain views, providing an ideal setting for memorable ski runs. In both locations, we’ll spend our days enjoying Japan’s world famous powder skiing and relax with world-class quality food and Japanese onsens (hot springs).

What Makes This Expedition Special?

We emphasize a seamless experience with expert guides, quality logistics, and cozy lodging, ensuring every participant feels well-supported throughout the adventure. The trip offers a mix of full days of adventurous and unique backcountry skiing and relaxing evenings exploring local cuisine and onsens. Skiing in Hokkaido is an opportunity to experience everything that makes a perfect ski day, every day.

Cultural Immersion and Scenic Views

Skiers and riders will not only enjoy themselves on the slopes but also enjoy Japan’s rich cultural heritage. From sampling exquisite local cuisine to exploring famous historical towns like Otaru, Furano, and Sapporo, the trip is designed to provide an authentic Japanese experience against the backdrop of Hokkaido’s breathtaking scenery.

This expedition, set for February 2025, is priced at $5,600 per person, which includes all these unique experiences bundled into a week of thrilling and enriching adventure. It’s more than just a skiing trip; it’s an exploration of Japan’s winter beauty and cultural depth. For those interested in joining or learning more, further details can be found on our Expedition Overview page.

Want to connect with our team? Click HERE to schedule a meeting with Griffin Mims, our International Client Manager, to talk all things backcountry skiing in Japan.


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