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New Expedition – Lhakpa Ri Rapid Ascent™

Alpenglow Expeditions is excited to offer a brand new Rapid Ascent expedition to Lhakpa Ri in Tibet. Standing across from the North Face of Mt Everest, Lhakpa Ri is an incredible 7000m peak with arguably the best view of Everest. If climbing Everest is on your list but you need more experience, you can’t beat Lhakpa Ri in terms of location. If you are not interested in climbing Everest but want a front row seat to take in the mountain, this is your opportunity.


How does the Rapid Ascent™ part work?

With Rapid Ascent™, the entire expedition begins at home as you pre-acclimatize for 4 weeks in conjunction with your other team members using Hypoxico altitude tents. Your goal during this phase is to get your body adapted to altitudes up to 16,500’. You’ll be sending us daily stats on your progress and our expedition doctor checks these on a weekly basis to ensure that everything is going well.


Certified Guides

Our Lhakpa Ri climb is guided by one or more of Alpenglow’s AMGA/IFMGA certified lead guides. This certification is the highest possible training available to guides, and only the most experienced and dedicated attain it. We combine our guides’ experience with our top tier logistics operator to create an amazing experience in the mountains. Our small team size and low ratio of climbers to guides (4:1) ensures that you stay healthy and strong, and are able to enjoy each component of your experience.


Lhakpa Ri Experience Requirements

Alpenglow requires that climbers have prior experience at altitudes of 18,000’/5500 meters. We offer many great options for gaining this experience, including opportunities in Ecuador, Peru, Kilimanjaro, and Elbrus in Russia. Climbers must be able to climb moderate rock, ice, and snow terrain, often with an alpine pack on your back. You should be comfortable with camp craft in high-altitude camps, and able to perform at a high level for multiple days in a row at altitude.

For more information on our Lhakpa Ri Rapid Ascent™, our Himalayan expeditions or any of our other international expeditions check out our website. For any questions call our office at 877-873-5376 or send us an email