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Progress on the North Side


Everest The #EverestNoFilter team spent a week setting up Base Camp (17,000 / 5200m) and acclimatizing. They moved to Interim Camp (19,000′ / 5800m) and have continued to do acclimatization hikes from Interim, touching Advanced Base Camp or ABC (21,300′ / 6400m) and returning to Interim, but soon they will be living at ABC for probably about a month.






Interim Camp has an incredible location and is surrounded by penitentes (ice towers). This camp is between Base Camp (17,000′ / 5200m) and Advanced Base Camp (21,300′ / 6400m). The team will spend two nights acclimatizing here before moving gear to ABC.


Good news from the big mountain, the Sherpa team is going to the North Col (23,000′ / 7010m) today for first time this season! And the rope fixing team is continuing to work above North Col. Good conditions and good progress for the north side!


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