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Rapid Ascent in Ecuador

Cayambe Summit 1170x501.jpeg

Our second team of the month in Ecuador has successfully summitted Cayambe in short order. The team of Steuart and Graham along with guides Adrian and Jaime crushed their summit push in a blistering 4 hours and 30 minutes. Their feat is all the more impressive considering that the team arrived in Ecuador early Monday morning and touched the summit a short 4 days later.

Are these guys super human? Of course not. They’re just like you and me. Work and family at home in the states keeps them busy Monday through Friday. Using our Rapid Ascent system of home acclimation and laser precise in-country logistics allowed these two friends to climb fast and have an enormous amount of fun along the way.


The team heading off the glacier during a day of training before their summit push. Photo: Jaime Avila

The team reported that Cayambe had a ton of snow on it which would make for great skiing, but certainly posed a challenge as they needed to break trail to the summit. Too bad they didn’t bring their skis! Another round of storms is expected to hit the region starting on Friday with a total forecast of 6 feet of snow through Tuesday. Needless to say the team is psyched on their summit and heading back to Quito to avoid the incoming storm.

Congratulations to this super strong team!