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Sleeping at C1, Skiing above


Adrian and Sergey checked in last night from Camp 1 at 21,000′ on Cho Oyu. They were about to head part way up to Camp 2 and attempt some conservative skiing. We mention “conservative” for the typical reasons that one skis conservatively on an 8000 meter peak, but particularly because the rope fixing team of Sherpas were in an avalanche the day before. It seems that they will all be fine, but one was flown from the Tibet border to Kathmandu to receive the best possible medical attention. As a result of this incident and the currently unstable conditions on the mountain, rope fixing is on hold for now, but acclimatization rounds continue. We’ll keep you posted in the next few days as the Adrian and Sergey remain at Camp 1 for another two or three nights.
Stay tuned…