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Staff Highlight: Tony Peterson

What do you do to support our international expeditions? 

I plan logistics for our international trips and make sure our guides and clients are well prepared and feel supported for their expeditions. Booking guides, flights, hotels, packing gear, arranging Hypoxico setups, scheduling & running zoom meetings, gathering client data, fielding all questions, confirming visa/entry requirements, addressing special needs/requests and generally supporting all aspects of planning.


What do you find most rewarding about your work? 

Seeing the photos & videos of our clients smiling on the summit fires me up. It’s the culmination of a lot of work both from our clients and our team. It’s validation that our efforts helped someone experience one of the best moments of their life. Often, it doesn’t stop there. We see a fair amount of repeat clients continue on to their next mountain challenge. That’s when you know we’re on the right track. 


Which of our expeditions do you find most engaging to work with?

The Ecuador Climbing School is typically where it all starts and is essentially the gateway. Helping our clients prepare for what I know will be an amazing trip reinforces that what we are doing matters to someone. We have very good relationships with each of our Ecuadorian crew members, so I know with full confidence that our clients are absolutely in the best hands in every situation down there. 


What do you feel is the source of your connection to the mountains?

Simple love of nature is my connection to the mountains. I try to capture it through photography, but it’s just an excuse to be outside. Nature is the only thing that is real and true. I live for the moments when you have to be fully locked into the present moment with zero concern about the past, the future or anything except what is. I get there through snowboarding, mountain biking, and photography. 


What would you say to people who are interested in getting out there but don’t consider themselves climbers? 

You don’t need to be a climber to get out there. I’m not a climber myself, but I definitely get after it. The most epic times in our lives are not just given to us. We have to get up and get out to get it. Besides, we all know what it’s like not to go …