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Successful Summit on Alpamayo!

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Alpenglow Expeditions' Alpamayo climbing trip. Test your advanced alpine skills on the world's most beautiful mountain, where steep ice and snow climbing meet the challenges of high altitude. A pinnacle for fledgling high-altitude climbers, Alpamayo's allure is undeniable, earning its reputation as 'the most beautiful mountain in the world.' Join us for an unforgettable ascent.

alpamayoDay 10: CUMBRE! Our 2017 expedition team summited Alpamayo (19,512′ / 5947m) at 9am (7am PST). They had great views and the mountain to themselves! They are back at Col Camp (18,000′ / 5486m), everyone is happy and tired. Mañana is a rest day! CHEERS to a strong team and a successful summit!!

Alpamayo is known as the gem of the Cordillera Blanca in Peru. Ever since it was first climbed in 1951, alpinists have been flocking to attempt its fluted Southwest Face. Many fledgling high altitude climbers consider this peak a culmination of their early climbing careers.

For more information on our Alpamayo and Quitaraju expedition, or any of our other international expeditions check out our website. For questions email or call our office at 877-873-5376. We hope to climb with you soon!