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Successful Summits in South America

rucu pinchinca, EcuadorEarlier this week our Ecuador Climbing School had a fun acclimatization hike on Rucu Pinchincha (15,700′ / 4785m). The team rode a teleférico from the city of Quito, they hiked for two hours to the rock ridge, and then climbed the ridge to the summit. This climb is a proud peak on its own and it is also important for acclimatization before the other peaks on this expedition.

Today was a successful summit on Cayambe (18,996′ / 5790m) for our Ecuador Climbing School team members, Daniel and Alex. After a midnight wake-up call, they began their climb. Most of the climb was scrambling a rock ridge to the upper glacier, from there it was a moderate slope that lead to another steep headwall. A bit icy, this slope required all of their newly acquired climbing techniques to make it to the top. From the summit, they then descended to the van and returned to the beautiful and vibrant town of Otovalo. Congrats to these guys! Stay tuned for updates on the extension to climb Antisana and Chimborazo! Cayambe, Ecuador

We also had a summit in Peru today! Our Peru Climbing School team members summited Ishinca (18,138′ / 5528m). The route took them up a low angled glacier, perfect for practicing their roped travel technique, and then to a final headwall that separated the summit from the rest of the mountain. Tomorrow they will have a well-deserved rest day before they climb Tocllaraju (19,784′ / 6030m) in a couple days. After Tocllaraju they will then return to Huarez and then make their journey home!


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