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Summit Preparations Underway

The view from North Col / Camp 1 (23,000’ / 7000m)

Summit preparations are underway for both the Everest team and the Cho+Everest team.

The two teams are crossing paths for the first time since the start of their expeditions. The teams will intersect at Advanced Base Camp.

Cho+Everest Team Here’s the latest update from Adrian Ballinger and the Cho+Everest team:

Our Sherpa team make rapid ascent climbing possible

“Exactly 5 days since we became the first team of the season to stand on top of Cho Oyu, we are leaving base camp for our summit push on Everest! It’s been a whirlwind of logistics and planning but we are ready to make our final push. Are we 100% recovered? Probably not. But no matter how hard we have been pushing, the 5 in this picture have been going harder. Our Cho-Everest Sherpa team fixed ropes, summited Cho with us, cleared the whole mountain of trash and equipment, packed up all our camps, moved everything to Everest by truck, unloaded, packed it all onto yaks to Advanced Base Camp, and are now getting ready to do an epic carry to put everything we need in place in 1 day. Can Everest be climbed in 1 week? With the help of these guys, maybe. I am truly grateful for their effort and stoke. Here we go!”

The Everest Team continues to rest at ABC and charge up their bodies for the most arduous section of the climb.

The view from Advanced Base Camp


A general layout of the teams’ summit push

The specific timeline of travel varies due to weather, conditions, and the health of the team.

Pre-summit training weeks: Complete several training rotations to progressively higher elevations. North Col Camp is the highest camp the team tags (23,000’ / 7000m). Then rest for a few days at ABC (21,300’ / 6400m).

Summit Push Step 1: ABC-North Col Camp

The climbers travel from the edge of the East Rongbuk Glacier up progressively steepening snow slopes. The team straps their crampons on!

Summit Push Step 2: Continue to Camp 2 (24,750’/ 7500m), the team will start to utilize supplementary oxygen.

Summit Push Step 3: Camp 3 (25,600’ / 7900m)

Summit Push Step 4: Camp 4 (27,400’/ 8300m)

Summit Push Step 5: SUMMIT (29,029’ / 8848m).

After topping out, we descend as far as possible – North Col Camp or Advanced Base Camp.


Logistics, Logistics

Teams are planning their logistics and working out specific summit schedules. 13 Sherpa are preparing to stock high camps with oxygen canisters, supplies and tents. Guides are shuffling gear to make sure essentials are accounted for:

  • -Honey
  • -Sprite
  • -Non-yak meat – Chicken?
  • -Bacon
  • -Wine
  • -Couch pump for inflatable furniture
  • -3 shovels and probes
  • -Gatorade & Tang
  • -Batteries AAA, AA, D

Don’t forget the duct tape guys!