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Summit Push is Underway


The Cho+Everest Lightning Ascent team departing ABC for North Col Camp on Sunday. On May 6 this team stood on top of Cho Oyu. Now they plan to be standing on the summit of Everest in just a couple days!


It’s go time on Everest and both teams are charging for the summit! The enormous anticipation of summiting is intensifying as both teams push elevation and tag higher and higher camps. Both the teams have departed Advanced Base Camp.


Low visibility REALLY makes you appreciate the fixed lines.
The Cho+Everest Team departing ABC in light snow/poor visibility but otherwise good conditions- not too hot, not too cold.

The Everest Rapid Ascent Team departed ABC on Saturday in clear weather to reach North Col/ Camp 1 (23,000’ / 7000m). On Sunday, the team pushed up to Camp 2. At 24,750’/ 7,500m, this is their highest point of the expedition so far. Now on to Camp 3 and 4 then to the summit!

The Cho+Everest Team rested an extra day at ABC before departing for North Col Camp on Sunday. Although visibility wasn’t ideal, the team made it safely to the next camp. Over the next few days, they will tail behind the Everest Rapid Ascent Team. Then, upon reaching Camp 3, they plan to do a massive summit push directly. By skipping Camp 3, they’ll do a +4,000’ push to the summit in one go.

This timeline puts both teams on the summit on the same day! We’re hoping to have the whole gang stand on top of Everest together.