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Summit Success for Everest Teams

Lydia and Roxanne on the summit of Everest on May 22
Sherpa Pasang and Mingma

It’s been a long season on Everest. Jet stream winds that have lingered just north of the mountain have kept most teams on both the north and south side of the mountain hunkered down, patiently waiting for winds to subside so they can safely push for the summit. That window of relatively calm winds is upon us now and our teams have made their push to the summit and back.

All Sherpa and all members from all Alpenglow Teams are in Advanced Base Camp, except for one climber and guide who are spending the night in North Col Camp before continuing to descend. (Don’t worry, they’re fine, just tired from the hard-fought push!)

Lightning Ascent
The all-female team of Roxanne and her guide Lydia along with Sherpa Pasang and Mingma successfully reached the summit on Wednesday, May 22 in light to moderate winds and warm temps right behind the rope fixing team. They immediately descended to camp 2 and continued on to ABC for a little refuel, and then pushed all the way to base camp.

Roxanne was in-country for only 10 short days prior to standing on top, and her summit occurred on her twelfth day since leaving home in the Bay Area of California. Her exit plan has her arriving home on the 14th day after leaving home. If her flights arrive as scheduled, she will have completed the fastest climb of Everest, door-to-door, ever. Our minds are blown.

Summit day: an alpine start and steep climbing to the top!

Rapid Ascent Team
The Rapid Ascent team including Caroline Gleich and Rob Lea, guides Chad Peeleand Carla Perez, along with their team of Sherpa reached the summit at 7:05am on May 24 in a solid push from camp 3. The weather was sunny, with only 10km winds, but very cold. The team has descended all the way to the warmth of ABC to celebrate and recover a bit. The next step will be getting all the way to base camp, and then home! Congratulations to this team of seasoned veterans on their climb of Everest. We’re so proud of you all.

New Route Team
The team of Cory and Topo managed to climb to a high point of 7,600m/25,000′ before having to turn around. They were climbing alpine style with little gear and made the safe choice to descend when the mountain closed the door. Altogether they spent 40 hours on the wall with an open bivy at 7,300m/24,000′. We’re in awe and inspired by these two world-class climbers.



Photo: Cory Richards

Mount Everest North Side Rapid Ascent Expedition

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