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Why take an Intro to Backcountry Skiing course?

Text: Ben Weaver | Photos: Logan Talbott

backcountry skiingWhy take an Intro to Backcountry Skiing course with Alpenglow Expeditions? The bottom line, to enter in to the backcountry as a traveler is about creating one’s own experience. Where do I go up? Where do I have lunch? Where do I go down? No boundaries set by ropelines or lift tickets required. You will be choosing terrain based on ambition, fitness, equipment, and ability. For some it is an opportunity just to go for a walk in the woods. For others, they may be traveling for multiple days from one location to another. In either case it should be understood that becoming a proficient mountain traveler is a journey in and of itself and there aren’t many shortcuts in the mountains.

backcountry skiing

I meet folks that are at varying starting points along their journey in the mountains. For some, they have been skiing most of their lives and are looking to “adjust” to being in the backcountry. For other people they are just starting to ski and only want to be in the backcountry. There are also people that have been recreating or working in the backcountry as hikers or climbers and want to start skiing or riding down the mountain that they work so hard to ascend.



backcountry skiingSo, why join us for the day to focus on an Introduction to Backcountry Skiing? It has been my experience that no matter the ultimate goal everyone benefits from an opportunity to get some fundamental instruction and chance to ask, and get answered, the “simple” questions. Topics like “how to read an avalanche bulletin” or “what are good routes or objectives” to start? We cover what equipment is needed and how do I use it, introduce you to the required avalanche rescue equipment and skills. We will also give you a peek into what is in a guide’s pack and what does the mountain traveler need to have in their backpack every time they venture into the mountains. If you decide that backcountry skiing and/or riding is for you we will help guide you to the “next steps” in your journey as a mountain traveler. It is a safe summary that an “Intro to Backcountry Skiing” day with Alpenglow Expeditions is one of those rare, safe and easy, shortcuts in the mountains to gain skills and knowledge along your journey.


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