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Team Heading Home from Cho Oyu

Two mountaineers navigating a glacier on a Gasherbrum II Expedition

The latest sat phone information is that most of our team is heading back to Kathmandu today, then back to their real worlds. They all did a great job getting up to Camp II at 23,500ft, and will have some fantastic memories to talk over. As if the 60′ of shear ice cliff was not enough on a good day, hanging on to their tents and equipment in hundred-mile-an-hour freezing winds was surely memorable. Regardless of what this mountain threw at them, they have a splendid achievement, and they are all back safe: no broken bones, no frostbite.

Adrian has decided to stay longer on Cho Oyu and thanks to Russell Brice, he will now help to guide the Norwegian Women’s Climbing team.