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What makes the Continuous Lifeline System So Special?

Via Ferrata has been around for a long time! Originating in Italy via ferrata quickly became a popular recreational activity. Today there are over 400 Via Ferratas in Italy alone with thousands more around the world. Most of these via’s use the traditional via ferrata set for anchoring the climber to the cable. This lanyard set consists of a shock absorber and two tethers with carabiners on the end. The climber is able to clip and unclip the carabiners from the cable to pass cable anchor point. While there is the redundancy of having two carabiners the potential exists for a climber to unclip themselves from the cable entirely.


Experience the Tahoe Via Difference

Traditionally there have been companies that install via ferratas and companies that make via ferrata equipment. This can lead to problems with carabiners not fitting on cables or anchors being in odd places making them harder to pass. The Tahoe Via is one of the newest vias in the country, created by a company called Prisme from QC, Canada. Seeing some of the shortcomings of other vias, Prisme created a new carabiner and cable anchor system. Combining this with the industry standardized shock absorber they created the continuous lifeline system. The system is able to pass anchors and change directions without ever having to come off the cable. Climbers are 100% attached to the cable system the entire time. A continuous attachment to the mountain means more confidence while climbing.


Having just a single permanent attachment to the cable provides other benefits apart from safety. Less carabiners to deal with while climbing means there is less distraction and more focus on the actual climbing!  While it is just one point of attachment the single stainless steal carabiner is rated to be stronger than some carabiners used in climbing, over 5,600 pounds! Another great benefit is the piece of mind that comes with never having to worry about being unclipped. This allows a lot of our climbers to push their comfort zone a little further and get even more out of the experience. The continuous lanyard system makes the Tahoe Via a truly unique via ferrata experience!




What are you waiting for?

Maybe you never imagined you could be a rock climber or even just set foot near a steep hike. The continuous lanyard system can give you the peace of mind to venture into the vertical world. We use the same lanyard on all of our routes from the shortest to the longest providing safety at every level of difficulty. Along with your own professional guide to take your group through the course, the continuous lanyard is always there. The continuous lifeline system makes the Tahoe Via Ferrata a safe way to have an exciting mountain experience!









Written by Andrew Krause