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On Their Way to the Top

Two mountaineers navigating a glacier on a Gasherbrum II Expedition

Just heard on the sat phone that our athletes have started their climb for the summit. They have been split into 2 teams: the first one started out yesterday, the second will start tomorrow. Adrian’s group is in the first team, consisting of 11 climbers, 3 guides and a bevy of supportive Sherpa. Yesterday they had an early start, successfully climbing from Base Camp, through the Icefall, straight past Camp 1 and on up to Camp 2. The fastest climbers made it in 5+1/2 hours, and 10 hours after starting everyone was safely in camp. All are reported fit and well, and unbelievably excited that the long wait at BC is finally over, and their great adventure has begun.

Today they have a well-deserved rest-and-recuperation day, then tomorrow (May 19th) will see them climb up to Camp3, then Camp 4 on the next day, and hopefully a summit on the 21st. The weather is great and the forecast continues good. Right now there are high winds around the summit, but it’s calm at Camp 2, and forecast to be better soon around the summit.

More just as soon as we get it!
-Adrian Ballinger via sat phone