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Arriving in Tibet, heading to Base Camp

Just getting to base camp on the North Side of Everest can be a challenging task. With a few hiccups along the way our team is now in Shigatse, Tibet catching some sleep before the final push to base camp at 17,000’ tomorrow!

The first travel hurdle was caused by a bit of weather thwarting our flight into Lhasa two days in a row. On day 2 the flight was en route when the pilot diverted at the last minute to Chengdu, China… a 2.5 hour detour by air. A night in Chengdu was spent sampling some local culture and food.

The following day we finally landed in Lhasa and felt better now that we were back at altitude (Lhasa sits at 12,000′). A little exploring of the Potala Palace and the team hit the road once more heading to Shigatse and ultimately base camp.

Tomorrow brings another drive but this is the last one for awhile. BASE CAMP here we come!! Can’t wait to be sipping on the thin air at 17,000′!

Here’s a little photo essay of our travels so far:


The team looking fresh before leaving Kathmandu.

Duffle Shuffle




























Sandstorm preventing the team from landing in Lhasa, Tibet.
This year, all of our fresh meat was confiscated at the Chinese border. We think the border guards wanted the steaks, salmon, shrimp and racks of lamb for themselves. So, first task in Lhasa was the butchers.
IMG_2840 2
Circling Jokhang Temple
Potala Palace, home to 14 previous Dalai Lamas.
Shigatse local.