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Top 5 things we’re looking forward most to this Spring

Written by Allie Ace, Alpenglow Guide

When people think of Lake Tahoe, they often think of it for our winter or summer season. Lake Tahoe is known for its epic mountain terrain with 13 ski resorts, endless backcountry, and averaging over 450 inches of snow annually. It’s even more popular as a summer destination with hiking, biking, climbing, and every type of water activity you can imagine. Northern California is certainly a mecca for outdoor adventure in the winter and the summer. However, my favorite season is spring!

Here’s why:

Deeper Snowpack

That 450 inches on average sticks around all winter at elevation, which makes for the best snowpack in the spring. Big lines in the Eastern Sierra that often aren’t filled in, conditions aren’t stable enough, or access isn’t as easy are all attainable in the spring due to our snowpack. 

Sleeper Powder Days

Most people book their winter ski vacation during the months of December – March. However, in the alpine, Northern California receives an average of 2 – 4 feet of snow in April and May. This makes for some sleeper powder days on the above mentioned deep snowpack when nobody is here!

Spring Corn

Northern California mountains are known for their corn harvest – in the spring! Cold enough temperatures to freeze the snow pack overnight and warm enough temps to melt it during the day make for the perfect corn cycle. From Mount Whitney to Mount Shasta, different elevations and varying aspects allow for enough corn to go around.

Longer Days with lots of Sunshine

During the spring, the sun is higher in the sky, making the daylight hours longer. This allows more time for bigger objectives and multi-sport adventures.


In the spring, the rock warms, melting the snow and opening up climbing routes. It’s time to get out the gear and put those skills you’ve been working on all winter in the gym before it gets too hot!

Whether it’s spring backcountry tours, big mountaineering and high alpine objectives, or introductory level instruction, Alpenglow has it all. Springtime in the Sierras is the guide’s best kept secret, but we’ll share it with you. Beat the crowds and book your spring adventure with us today!