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Trip Update Overload on Social Media!

Two mountaineers navigating a glacier on a Gasherbrum II Expedition

Ok, not really. How can you ever have too many awesome pictures and team info? But we do have a lot of trips this month and we are launching a new way of keeping you posted on our teams across the globe.

Alpenglow will be posting daily trip updates on Twitter; we will show highlights of our trips on Facebook; and we will save our longer blog posts for summaries packed with info and photos that will go up every few days or so.

This is the perfect month to see if you like our new method of posting trip updates. We have teams on expeditions in Ecuador and Antarctica right now, with a large group heading to Aconcagua in mid-January. 

Alpenglow guide, Jaime Avila, is leading a custom trip on Cotopaxi and Chimborazo and has been sending us fun snapshots of that team as they began their trip this past weekend by touring Quito and acclimatizing on Rucu Pichincha. They are heading to Cotopaxi next, keep an eye on our Twitter feed for Jaime’s reports and their Ecuadorian adventures.

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Adrian Ballinger, Alpenglow’s founder, is leading a private expedition in Antarctica to climb Vinson Massif, the tallest peak on earth’s southernmost, icy pole. We are super excited to watch this trip unfold. They are currently in Punta Arenas at the southernmost tip of South America and plan to fly to Antarctica on Friday. They’re flying in a Russian cargo plain that is outfitted to land on an ice runway – pretty interesting! 

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Right after wrapping up the Alpenglow Antarctica expedition, Adrian will fly to Argentina, to begin the climb on Aconcagua. While in Mendoza, they’ll prepare for the climb with a bit of rest and some great food and wine as all of the team members arrive and get situated at their hotel. Alpenglow lead guides, Chad and Jaime, will be guiding a group of ten climbers on Aconcagua alongside Adrian and Reuben Shelton, Alpenglow assistant guide, who will be leading an Aconcagua custom trip with two other climbers.

As you can see…we have a busy month ahead of us full of adventure! Our goal is to get information on all the fun and successes to you as soon as possible. Check out Alpenglow’s Twitter and Facebook pages for team progress and great images and watch our blog for larger, more detailed updates.

Ecuador Photo Credit: Jaime Avila. Antarctica Photo Credit: Mark Sedon