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Update from Aconcagua

We’re bringing you an update from Aconcagua, where our team is currently acclimatized up to Camp 2 (18,000/5,486m). Thanks to our stellar logistics team, we currently find ourselves as the only team on this side of the mountain for the rest of the season. While Aconcagua is typically a busy mountain as it’s one of the Seven Summits, we’re enjoying the solitude on one of the most famous peaks in the world. This offers us a chance to focus on our climb without the usual hustle and bustle of other climbers around.

At Camp 2, we’re making good progress with acclimatization and skill-building, preparing to further our acclimation up to 18,800’. So far, our team is looking very strong and morale remains high, and lead guide Gaspar Navarrete is confident that we’ll be able to take advantage of a clear weather window.

With the mountain to ourselves, we’re relishing the freedom to explore and learn at our own pace. Keep following our journey on Aconcagua for more updates.