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Updates from Bolivia

The Latest From Our Teams In The Bolivian Andes

While countries like Ecuador and Peru are well-known for their accessible high-altitude climbing, Bolivia is home to a relatively unexplored section of the Andes that is no less engaging, adventurous, and remote.

We currently have two expeditions in Bolivia climbing Pequeño Alpamayo, Huayna Potosí, and Illimani, the tallest mountain in the Cordillera Real at 21,122’/6,438m. One of these expeditions is running privately and will try for a bonus peak, Nevado Sajama, an extinct stratovolcano and the highest peak in Bolivia at 21,462’/6/542m.


Open Enrollment Expedition Update:

On Sunday August 30th, our open-enrollment team reached the summit of Pequeño Alpamayo! The weather window was tight, and for a moment it looked as if the team might not be able to safely attempt the climb. Alpenglow guide Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Espinosa, however, waited patiently for just the right time and was able to guide everyone safely to the summit and back. Nacho and the open-enrollment team will attempt Huayna Potosí and Illimani in the coming days.


Private Expedition Update:

Currently, our private team is gearing up to go after Illimani! Led by IFMGA-certified guide Jaime Avíla, they summited Huayna Potosí and Pequeño Alpamayo just a few days ago. Over the next few days, they’ll move slowly up the mountain, spending one night in a high camp before going after the summit. Stay tuned for further updates from Illimani and Nevado Sajama!

Interested in climbing unique, engaging, and challenging intermediate peaks? Ready to take your mountaineering skills to the next level? Check out our Mountains of Bolivia Expedition Overview below, and schedule your meeting with Griffin Mims, our International Sales Coordinator, to learn more.