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Well, we have been patiently waiting in ABC for good news on the weather and are unfortunately still waiting for our “green light” to move higher towards the summit. With that said, spirits are high and the team is prepared and ready to go when the time comes.

Until then, we are lazily enjoying our conversations, Tashi’s always amazing meals and the sunshine and breathtaking views from ABC.
So what do members do while resting and waiting for a weather window, you ask? Well, ANYTHING THEY WANT! Members have been taking hot showers, washing clothes, charging electronics, writing blogs, exploring photo color combinations with Instagram, Facebooking and of course… more Facebooking!
After dinner and as our bodies enter a wonderful food coma, we usually move to our shag carpet lined “pleasure” room and watch a movie on our big screen projector. Which of course leads to great breakfast debates about whether last nights movie was crap or not. Ah….personal cinema diversity and opinions are always a fun conversation and never a dull moment!

As of now, camp life is very comfortable and we are looking forward to a break in the current weather pattern so we can finally see what Makalu is all about!

Words by Chad Peele