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What is a Puja Ceremony?

Puja ceremony on Ama Dablam
Puja Ceremony on Ama Dablam

“A puja is a ceremony in which meditational prayers are offered to the Buddhas and holy beings to request their blessings or help. Traditionally in a monastery monks and nuns perform prayers for the long life, health and success of their teachers, friends, benefactors, all living beings, and for world peace. Pujas are performed to avert or clear three kinds of obstacles: worldly, inner and secret obstacles; conditions which prevent us from achieving our worldly and spiritual goals.” [1]

Shown here, the Alpenglow team celebrating yesterday on Ama Dablam and also last month on Cho Oyu. The puja ceremony takes place at base camp before the team climbs higher on the mountain. Before every climb the Sherpa perform this prayer ceremony to bless the team, climbing gear, skis and even the beer. Cheers to a safe passage on the mountain!

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Puja ceremony on Cho Oyu
Puja Ceremony on Cho Oyu