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What Sets Alpenglow’s Everest Program Apart?

It’s that time of the year again – Everest season is upon us! As the world gears up for the ultimate mountaineering challenge, Alpenglow Expeditions proudly stands apart from the rest, offering a unique approach to conquering the tallest peak on the planet. Here’s why choosing Alpenglow for your Everest adventure is a decision that could redefine your mountaineering experience.

1. Pioneering the Rapid Ascent Program

At Alpenglow, innovation is in our DNA. Adrian Ballinger, a trailblazer in the world of high-altitude climbing, introduced the Rapid Ascent Program to 8,000m peaks. We’ve been at the forefront of this groundbreaking approach longer than any other operator. Our 35-day itinerary provides our team with a realistic expectation of the potential duration of their Everest journey. While we often conclude expeditions well ahead of schedule, we believe in transparency – ensuring our team members know the commitment involved before signing up. By cutting down the traditional time it takes to climb Everest by nearly half, we enable climbers to achieve their dreams without sacrificing excessive time away from work and family.

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2. IFMGA Leadership and Certified Guides

Leadership is the cornerstone of any successful expedition, and at Alpenglow, our Everest team is led by Fully Certified IFMGA Mountain Guides. Our guides boast certifications and unmatched experience, making them amongst the most qualified on the planet. Our commitment to professionalism ensures that no corners are cut, and every team member receives unparalleled support on their journey to the summit.

3. Maximum Level of Support

Stacking the cards in our team members’ favor is not just a mantra; it’s our commitment. Climbing with a generous 4L of oxygen flow, our teams have access to as much oxygen as necessary. With a 1:1 Sherpa to climber ratio on the summit bid and additional Sherpa providing crucial support, we leave no room for compromise. Our utilization of the best weather forecasting available and the presence of one of the most experienced Himalayan Expedition doctors, available 24/7, further demonstrate our dedication to ensuring the best chance of success while mitigating risks to their greatest extent.

With only a few spots left for our 2024 Everest team, it’s not too late to turn your dream into a reality. Give yourself the best chance to succeed and join us this 2024 season. At Alpenglow Expeditions, we don’t just climb mountains; we redefine what’s possible at the top.