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Whiteout on Cotopaxi

Two mountaineers navigating a glacier on a Gasherbrum II Expedition
jaime daniel cotopaxi.jpg

The Ecuador team just checked in to report they were down safe from their summit attempt. Unfortunately, tough weather conditions prevented them from reaching the summit just about 300 meters from the top. Daniel reported “the snow was so thick and blowing so hard” they could no longer make out the route and Jaime made the wise call to turn around. They encountered another group attempting to summit that were in need of assistance so “Jaime found our way down and they followed” our team down to safety. Good news is that they still had a great time and Daniel is looking forward to another round with Cotopaxi in the future. They will enjoy some well earned rest and good food tonight after their long day! We’ll share more photos of their expedition when they have better communications available.