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Who Can Climb the Tahoe Via?

Written by Isaac Laredo

You can climb the Tahoe Via! Whether you are a seasoned multi-pitch rock climber or a family of four, the Tahoe Via is designed to provide you with a memorable and enjoyable experience. The friendly nature of the climbing and diverse tour offerings make the Tahoe VIA one of the most accessible climbing experiences in California.


What is Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is Italian for “Iron Way”. What is now a quickly growing recreational style of climbing originated during the World Wars as a way to move troops across the technical terrain and high peaks in Europe. The mountains became outfitted with steel ladder rungs and cables to create a highway. Previously traveling in the terrain demanded a high degree of technical skill and world-class athleticism. Fast forward about 100 years to Olympic Valleys Iconic Tram Face and the Tahoe Via. The Tahoe VIA makes the once inaccessible tram face a place to make lifelong memories with your friends and family.


The Perfect Outdoor Activity

The Tahoe VIA blends our favorite components of outdoor adventure into one wholesome package. It offers beautiful views, unique movement, and obtainable challenges. I have seen firsthand how this well-rounded experience can contribute to building lifelong memories with those that you climb. A mentor of mine always said “Challenge+Support= Growth”. The Tahoe VIA is the perfect venue to exercise this equation and connect with those around you in a unique place.



Anything is Possible on The Tahoe VIA

Many inspiring individuals and groups have come to the Tahoe VIA to challenge themselves as a step to facilitate growth. We have climbed with groups like the Wounded Warriors Project and the Heroes Project. The 4-Hour tours have been completed by all ages between 5 and 82. These individuals are a constant reminder that anything can be done with persistence and motivation.


Climbing with Young/Small Children?

To maintain the quality of experience and safety margins for all of our guests we have a couple of guidelines in place when climbing with smaller children. For open enrollment groups, children must be taller than 3’11 and heavier than 88 pounds. If you’re planning to climb with children shorter than 3’11 or 88 pounds then you must book a private trip for you and your family. The guides will provide an additional belay for children lighter than 88 pounds to increase the safety margin.


You Can Climb the VIA

Climbers enjoying the rock on Donner Summit in Truckee CaliforniaWe offer 2, 3, and 4-hour long tours to suit the needs and goals of your group. Book you’re next Via Ferrata Adventure. Book Your Next Via Ferrata Adventure Here.