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Our Two Teams to Meet Up at ABC

Some yaks get it
The best fort ever?

After a whole lot of ascending and descending, both teams are on Everest and they will soon meet at Advanced Base Camp.

The Cho+Everest team arrived at EBC from Shegar yesterday. They are ready to climb again after summiting Cho Oyu on Sunday and then resting at “lower” altitude for a few days in Shegar. Now, they are gearing up at EBC to tackle their second 8,000m peak in under 30 days.

After a lot of strenuous climbing, the luxuries of Everest Base Camp feel extra cushy. Alpenglow’s EBC is a warm solace against the chilly Himalayan night. I bet those inflatable couches are pretty comfy when you’re lounging on them at 17,000’ /5,200m.

Even though you’re at (17,000’ /5200m), you can still chill out and play with your phone after a long hard day. Thanks satellite wifi!

The Everest Team is stationed at ABC (21,300’ / 6400m) after a descent from their current high point, North Col / Camp 1 (23,000’/7,000m). Reaching this highpoint in the climb and then returning to resting elevation at ABC is a key strategy to summiting successfully. Tagging North Col is a litmus test for climbers. It marks the end of all the preliminary climbing involved in preparing to summit Everest. Climbers have already spent two weeks training in the terrain and fully acclimatizing to the altitude (i.e. climbing up to a higher camp and then turning around to go back to the lower camp) Now climbers are about to get REAL and go for the big summit push!

The team will spend a few days gathering their strength. They will enjoy breathing in the “thicker” more oxygenated air and feel more rested from getting better sleep at the lower elevation as opposed to resting at high camps and continually pushing elevation.

Rest up team and get ready for summit success!