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Stories: Rapid Ascent

Mountain adventures create the best stories, and we want to share some of ours with you. Dive into Alpenglow Stories to stay up to date on expeditions in the field, read blogs, and get tips and tricks from guides.

A large white mountain is bathed in golden sunlight under a blue sky.

Skiing Peak Lenin: Updates from the Field

It is commonly accepted that Peak Lenin is the most popular 7,000-meter peak, and for good reason: it’s beautiful, it’s tall, it’s accessible, and it’s not highly technical. Nonetheless, our Peak Lenin Rapid Ascent expedition the perfect training for bigger peaks in the 8,000m range, such as Cho Oyu and Mt. Everest.
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A view of Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America.

From Climbing Schools to the Seven Summits: Why Aconcagua is the Next Step for Intermediate Climbers

Aconcagua, standing at 22,837 feet, is an excellent progression for climbers who have completed one or more of Alpenglow’s climbing schools in Ecuador, Peru, or Mexico. Here’s why the Aconcagua Rapid Ascent Expedition makes sense:
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The Road to Everest: Climbing Aconcagua

Aconcagua, standing at 6,959 meters (22,831 feet), is the highest peak outside of Asia and a significant challenge for mountaineers. Alpenglow Expeditions offers a Rapid Ascent program via the 360 Route, a comprehensive approach designed for those with ambitions of summiting higher peaks like Mount Everest.
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Alpenglow Expeditions 2024 Everest team standing on the summit.

Adrian Ballinger on Everest, Ethics, & Unexplored Places (Ep.313)

Mt. Everest: for some people, it still represents the holy grail of adventure. For others, it conjures up images of long queues, lots of trash, and a tourism industry that has gotten out of hand. So what is the truth about Everest, and why does it generate such strong feelings for so many of us? Our guest today is Adrian Ballinger, a climber, skier, mountain guide, and the founder and CEO of Alpenglow Expeditions. In this conversation, Adrian does an outstanding job of explaining the multiple sides of Everest, and the many different ways to approach it.
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Graham Cooper standing on the summit of Mount Everest in 2024 with Alpenglow Expeditions team.

Episode 05: Adrian Ballinger – Everest Season Recap

After full team success on Mt. Everest for the Alpenglow Expeditions crew, Adrian and Sam connect in person to recap the season.
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Guide Carla Perez and client Matt Greving standing on the summit of Mount Everest in 2024

Mt. Everest North Side 2024 Update: ABC to Summit!

Follow the 2024 Everest North Side Expedition team as they climb from Advanced Base Camp to the Summit.
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During our first expedition to Gasherbrum I, Alpenglow client, Evan Miller, became the youngest American to summit Gasherbrum I, and the youngest American to summit Gasherbrum I & Gasherbrum II within a week.

Alpenglow Client, Evan Miller, sets records on Gasherbrum I & II

During our first expedition to Gasherbrum I, Alpenglow client, Evan Miller, became the youngest American to summit Gasherbrum I, and the youngest American to summit Gasherbrum I & Gasherbrum II within a week.
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Adrian Ballinger on the Duffel Shuffle Podcast at Everest Base Camp on the North Side

Episode 04: Adrian Ballinger – Live from Everest Base Camp

Episode 4 comes to you straight from Everest Base Camp! Sam and Adrian catch up and discuss what has been 4-years in the making: Alpenglow Expeditions’ return to the north side of Mt. Everest since the closure as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
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A group of climbers walks across a tallus field while climbing Aconcagua with the sun rising on the snowy mountains behind them.

You Can Climb Aconcagua

With an altitude of 22,841’/6,962m, Aconcagua is the tallest mountain outside of the Himalayas and the tallest peak in the Americas. Despite its impressive height, it’s often classified as a trekking peak as there are multiple routes that present no technical climbing, making it accessible to many climbers who are well-prepared and, even more so, choose to climb with a guide.
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A climber stands on a mountain path with Cho Oyu in the background.

Cho Oyu or Manaslu For Your First 8000er?: Why Cho Oyu is the Safer Bet

When considering safety margins on the largest high-altitude climbs in the world, many climbers look towards Cho Oyu and Manaslu as two relatively “safe” 8000-meter peaks. However, Alpenglow Expeditions chooses only to guide Cho Oyu, because we view it as an objectively much safer option compared to Manaslu. Here’s why:
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