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Route Overview: Climbing Peak Lenin

Prepare for 8,000m with Alpenglow Expeditions' Peak Lenin Expedition. This climb serves as the perfect 7,000m preparation, an essential milestone for reaching higher altitudes. Experience multiple camps, glacial climbing, and an acclimatization rotation, all while enjoying exhilarating climbing at high altitude. As you ascend Peak Lenin, a majestic peak towering above the valley, you'll not only soak in stunning vistas but also acquire the expertise to advance towards 8,000m peaks. Embark on a transformative journey to elevate your climbing career.

Peak Lenin, standing at 23,406’/7,134m, offers climbers the chance to test their skills on a truly big mountain landscape in a unique and remote range of the world. Along the climbing route, strategically positioned camps offer essential rest and acclimatization points for those venturing to the summit.

Base Camp (11,800’/3,600m)

Base Camp, situated at around 11,800’/3,600m, serves as the starting point for climbers in the Edelweiss Glad. Here, they prepare their gear and adjust to the moderate altitude before setting off on their ascent. Surrounded by rugged beauty, Base Camp offers breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks.

Advanced Base Camp (15,092’/4,600m)

Moving onwards, climbers reach Advanced Base Camp, located at approximately (15,092’/4,600m). This camp marks the beginning of the ascent, where climbers navigate moderately challenging terrain as they gain altitude. We’ll spend an extra day resting here.

Camp 1 (18,300’/5,600m)

Camp 1, positioned at around 18,300’/5,600m, offers a temporary refuge amidst the icy landscape. Here, climbers rest and refuel, preparing for the higher altitudes ahead. We’ll touch Camp 2 from here and then spend another day resting and acclimatizing.

Camp 2 19,600’/6,000m

At Camp 2, located at approximately 6,400 meters (20,997 feet), climbers face the final push towards the summit. Perched on the edge of the mountain, this camp provides awe-inspiring views of the surrounding peaks. The first time we sleep in Camp 2 will be on our summit push.

Camp 3 (20,900’/6,400m)

As with many high mountain camps, Camp 3 serves as a temporary respite to rest and scrape together what sleep we can before rallying for a summit push. Nonetheless, Alpenglow strives to create as comfortable of accommodations as possible regardless of altitude, so we can rest assured that this camp is as good as it gets.

Summit Push (23,406’/7,134m)

After days of climbing and acclimating, we’ll wake up early for a big push to the summit. Standing at an impressive 23,406’/7,134m above sea level amidst the vast expanse of sky and snow, we’ll pause for a moment to savor their achievement before beginning the descent. While Peak Lenin is often considered a training ground for 8,000 meter peaks, the sheer scale and effort required to ascend the mountain makes it an achievement in its own right.

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