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How to Climb Your First 8000er: Cho Oyu Rapid Ascent

Two climbers sit in the snow beneath the summit of Cho Oyu.

Make your first foray into 8,000 meters on Alpenglow Expeditions’ Cho Oyu Rapid Ascent Expedition. At 26,906′ /8201m, Cho Oyu stands as the sixth-highest mountain on the planet, offering a formidable and captivating challenge for mountaineers. As one of the longest-running Western operators on this iconic peak, Alpenglow Expeditions brings unparalleled expertise to this ascent.

For nearly twenty years, Alpenglow Expeditions has stood at the forefront of innovative mountaineering, and Cho Oyu is a leading example of our commitment to safety, professionalism, and respect for the mountains. Our extensive experience on Cho Oyu as well as a deep sense of respect for the mountain sets us apart by providing climbers with the knowledge and guidance they need to climb this mountain the right way.

For those interested in breaking into high-altitude ski mountaineering, Alpenglow Expeditions is one of the only operators in the world with multiple ski descents from the summit of Cho Oyu. With its vast slopes and pristine snowfields, Cho Oyu presents an unparalleled opportunity for ski mountaineering enthusiasts to test their skills at high altitude. Our experienced guides lead the way, ensuring a safe and exhilarating descent from the summit of the sixth tallest mountain. Plus, it’s a whole lot faster than walking …

At the heart of the Cho Oyu Rapid Ascent Expedition lies a commitment to efficiency and precision. Alpenglow Expeditions has streamlined the entire expedition process, from arrival in Chengdu to summit bid and return in just 29 days (or fewer!). Thanks to our Rapid Ascent Approach and use of modern technology, this condensed timeline maximizes climbers’ acclimatization and minimizes time away from home, making it the ideal choice for those seeking an efficient ascent of Cho Oyu.

The Cho Oyu Rapid Ascent Expedition with Alpenglow Expeditions is more than just a climb; it’s a testament to innovation, determination, and teamwork. Here at Alpenglow, we are all climbers, and so we understand the drive and ambition that fuels the pursuit of rarified air as well as anyone. We meet you halfway, recognizing your unique capabilities as well as clearly laying out how best to stack the cards in your favor in order to reach the summit.

Our next Cho Oyu expedition runs September 9 – Oct 6, 2024. Reach out to our office today to see if you qualify for our 2024 team.

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