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Mountaineering Programs for the Novice to the Advanced

Overnight camp set up on Mount Shasta
Two climbers pose in front of Mount Shasta excited for the ski descent
Views from Mount Shasta

Have you wondered how climbers reach those snow covered, technical summits of high altitude mountains around the world? What gear is required in order to attempt an objective of this nature and more importantly, what knowledge and skill set is required? While climbing high in the clouds may seem like an intimidating idea, it can be broken down into manageable pieces quite easily. For novices learning the basics to seasoned climbers seeking to test their skills and endurance or simply for the climber who has an objective in mind and a strong will, Alpenglow Expeditions offers opportunities to not only to build your repertoire, but to gain invaluable experience alongside professionals.

Our Intro to Mountaineering course and Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue course, located at Donner Summit in Lake Tahoe, provide the perfect starting point for those new to the world of mountaineering. In these 1 day 8-hour courses (taken separately or combined), you’ll learn the basics of gear, safety procedures, and essential techniques such as using crampons and ice axes to navigate mountainous terrain. We utilize this stunning area of Lake Tahoe as it provides the best outdoor classroom for us to simulate the conditions and scenarios that one would experience on a high altitude peak.

For those who are able to spend a bit more time away from their regularly scheduled lives, our 5-day mountaineering school on Mount Shasta offers a comprehensive immersion into the world of high-altitude climbing. This school is ideal for someone who is ready to learn and apply mountaineering skills in a real life setting. From navigation to rope techniques, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence needed to tackle the objectives that you have in mind. In addition to this, you also gain the experience of camping at high elevations, managing your pack, camp and daily routine while on the mountain, as well as learning how to maintain health and well-being on a multi-day trip.

If you are an experienced climber or perhaps looking to stick another summit into your log book, Alpenglow Expeditions also offers 2 and 3 day summit expeditions of Mount Shasta. With opportunities to climb and summit or climb, summit, and ski via the West Face or climb and summit via Avalanche Gulch, Alpenglow delivers the highest quality of expedition. These programs will test your endurance and, even for the most experienced, have you reaching base with new knowledge, skills, and tips thanks to our experienced and passionate guides.

Whether your goal is to step foot on the summit of Mount Shasta, a snow-dripped foreign peak or to develop and hone your mountaineering skills, Alpenglow Expeditions has the programming to help you reach your desired objective. Pack your layers, lace up your boots, and join us as we explore terrain where the air gets thin.

Find the right mountaineering program for you

An early morning photo of mount Shasta covered in snow with a blue sky above.

Mount Shasta Mountaineering School

Introductory Next Available
June 13-17
5 Days Mt. Shasta, CA
Mountaineer peering into a crevasse on Mount Shasta during an Intro To Mountaineering course with Alpenglow Expeditions

Mount Shasta West Face Climb

Intermediate Next Available
Jun 14, 2024 – Jun 16, 2024
3 Days Mount Shasta, CA