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Stories: Avalanche Education

Mountain adventures create the best stories, and we want to share some of ours with you. Dive into Alpenglow Stories to stay up to date on expeditions in the field, read blogs, and get tips and tricks from guides.

aiare course in lake tahoe taught by professional mountain guides

What’s The Difference Between AIARE 1 & AIARE 2?

In this blog post, we will explore the distinctions between AIARE 1 and AIARE 2 courses, shedding light on the increasing complexity and expertise required as one progresses through the levels.
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Hybrid AIARE 1 in North Lake Tahoe

Unraveling the Complexity of Tahoe’s Snowpack: A Closer Look at the Avalanche Forecast

Snowpack observations and avalanche forecast in Lake Tahoe from a mountain guide’s perspective.
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private backcountry ski guiding in lake tahoe with professional mountain guides

What You Need To Start Backcountry Skiing or Splitboarding

A Beginner’s Guide to Backcountry Touring in Lake Tahoe with professional mountain guides.
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