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From Climbing Schools to the Seven Summits: Why Aconcagua is the Next Step for Intermediate Climbers

A view of Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America.

Aconcagua, standing at 22,837 feet, is an excellent progression for climbers who have completed one or more of Alpenglow’s climbing schools in Ecuador, Peru, or Mexico. Here’s why the Aconcagua Rapid Ascent Expedition makes sense:

Ideal Training Ground

Aconcagua offers a non-technical ascent via the 360 Route, primarily involving hiking. This is perfect for climbers looking to gain high-altitude experience without the need for advanced technical skills. The straightforward path allows you to focus on acclimatization and high-altitude endurance. Click HERE to read more about the route in detail.

Altitude Experience

Having trained on the 5,000 and 6,000-meter Ecuador, Peru, or Mexico, Aconcagua provides the next level of altitude training. At just shy of 7,000 meters, Aconcagua’s high elevation is ideal for those wanting to push their limits and prepare for more challenging peaks in the future such as Mt. Everest. Read more about Aconcagua and the Road to Everest. 

Accessibility and Support

Alpenglow’s logistics of climbing Aconcagua are well-established, with accessible base camps and reliable support services. Combined with our Rapid Ascent acclimatization technique, helicopters allow us to shave even more time off this expedition. Our 24/7 logistical support ensures that climbers can concentrate on the ascent without worrying about additional complications. Read more about how Rapid Ascent lets us get in and out of the mountains faster than anyone else.

Physical and Mental Preparation

The climb tests both physical and mental stamina. The experience of prolonged exertion at altitude will prepare climbers for the rigors of even higher peaks beyond just the climbing itself. While Alpenglow is able to provide comfort and support to the highest standards while in the field, life on expedition can be taxing when the days turn into weeks on longer expeditions on bigger mountains. Aconcagua lets climbers get used to living in the mountains without it ever feeling overly prolonged.

For climbers looking to build on their skills and experience from Alpenglow Expeditions’ programs, Aconcagua stands out as the next logical step. The mountain provides a challenging yet manageable ascent that is perfect for high-altitude training and preparation for future endeavors. Click HERE to schedule a meeting with our team to see if Aconcagua is the right next step for you!


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