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The Road to Everest: Climbing Aconcagua

A map of Aconcagua, with a line of the route and camps outlined on the ascent.

Aconcagua, standing at 6,959 meters (22,831 feet), is the highest peak outside of Asia and a significant challenge for mountaineers. Alpenglow Expeditions offers a Rapid Ascent program via the 360 Route, a comprehensive approach designed for those with ambitions of summiting higher peaks like Mount Everest. Click HERE for the Aconcagua Rapid Ascent Expedition overview.

The 360 Route

The 360 Route on Aconcagua offers a full circumnavigation of the mountain, providing climbers with varied terrain and fewer crowds compared to the more popular Normal Route. Starting from the Vacas Valley, climbers pass through diverse landscapes, from arid plains to glacial sections, experiencing different aspects of the mountain’s environment that other routes on the mountain typically exclude. The 360 route is largely non-technical, meaning climbers can focus on learning how to operate at extreme altitudes without added difficulties of steep, technical climbing. Click HERE to read about the 360 route in further detail.

Alpenglow’s Rapid Ascent Program

Alpenglow’s Rapid Ascent program leverages advanced acclimatization techniques and a well-planned itinerary with 24/7 logistical support to reduce the time spent on the mountain and away from home. This program includes pre-acclimatization using hypoxic tents, which simulate high-altitude conditions, allowing climbers to adjust their bodies to the lack of oxygen before they even set foot on the mountain. The on-mountain schedule is then optimized to take advantage of this preparation, aiming for efficiency and safety.

Preparation for Everest

Climbing Aconcagua via the 360 Route with Alpenglow is an important step for those planning to attempt Mount Everest. The experience provides a critical opportunity to test one’s ability to handle prolonged exposure to high altitudes, cold temperatures, and the physical demands of climbing and general life on expedition. Click HERE to learn about the graduation from trekking to climbing with Alpenglow Expeditions Guide Topo Mena.

Moreover, Aconcagua’s altitude and weather conditions are comparable to those found on the lower slopes of Everest, making it an ideal training ground. Successful completion of this climb helps build confidence, competence, and mountain sense.

In summary, climbing Aconcagua via the 360 Route with Alpenglow’s Rapid Ascent program is a practical and strategic step for mountaineers aiming for Everest. It combines rigorous training with real-world experience in high-altitude mountaineering, providing a solid foundation for future high-altitude climbs.

Interested to climb Aconcagua? Click HERE to schedule a meeting with our team, the first step for anyone joining an expedition with Alpenglow. We’ll chat about your goals and experience to determine if Aconcagua is the best objective for you.


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